Tuesday, 7 June 2011

::.. B2ST’s Yoseob persuades his runaway fan to return home ..::

B2ST’s Yoseob was revealed to have persuaded one of his runaway fans to return home.
According to reports, a woman had visited the Cube Entertainment office looking for her daughter, who had run away from home with hopes of meeting Yoseob.
Because she did not return home the previous night, the mom felt she had no choice but to come to the company office. After hearing her story, staff members began searching the area around B2ST’s dorm and were eventually able to find her daughter, who had stood outside waiting the entire night.
Representatives said, Yoseob met with the fan and told her that she could come meet B2ST whenever she wanted to, as long as she never ran away from home again. The fan listened and returned home.
They continued, “We are thankful for fans expressing their love for B2ST, but please remember that you are also a member of society and need to act accordingly. Running away from home to meet your favorite artist is not a proper expression of your love for them.

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