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[PHOTOS] FAME — Eunhyuk

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Fan mistakes elderly woman for Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

On the November 22nd episode of SBS TV ‘Strong Heart‘, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk shared a story about his recent vacation.

“After we completed SMTOWN in NYC, I decided to take a vacation and headed to Europe. I had the opportunity to attend England’s premier league soccer game between Chelsea and Arsenal. I even took photos of the tickets and uploaded them on the internet“, he said.

“The game was streamed live in Korea as well, and a fan who was watching the game caught me sitting in the stands. She screen-captured the shots with me in them“, he said as he continued to reveal the screen-shots. Behind one of the players was a fuzzy image of a person in the stands with platinum blonde hair, with a hairstyle that was similar to Eunhyuk’s.

Upon viewing the clip with better quality, it turned out the individual with the blonde hair was actually an elderly woman, and not Eunhyuk.

They also revealed another screen-capture on the episode which revealed the real but very small Eunhyuk sitting in the stands, evoking much laughter on set.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


salam & hye y'all

azie hepy sgt arini....i think u guyz pon tau nape after tgk  lambang kt atas ni rite???
game last nite mmg gerun sgt.....but alhamdulillah rezeki malaysia menang game tu


my heroes in this team BADDROL BAKHTIAR & KHAIRUL FAHMI CHE MAT ^^

*my pray is alwayz with u guyz...............

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Segmen :OPPPSS TERJAH!!!Sampai Lebam

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2pm hands up asia tour in malaysia 2011

annyeonghaseyo chingudeul!!!!

my next concert tht i will attend.........
i'm so excited!!!!
now juz counting the day for 2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR in MALAYSIA
25 nov....it's juz nxt week!!!!!

will enjoy tht nite ^^

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

[ENG TRANS/PHOTOS] Super Junior Kyuhyun, Siwon & Eunhyuk’s Handwritten letters to student (SS4 VCR)

eunhyuk's letter

To Ye Eun hello!
I am a 26 year old idol oppa!!
Oppa coincidentally came to your classroom to film!
I also sat on Ye Eun, your seat!
Ye Eun-ah, don’t trust men. There aren’t many good guys.
If it’s oppa then it’ll be clear!
Aren’t you curious as to who oppa is..
Oppa is not just in Asia, but catching attention around the world as a famous idol singer.
You know (he crosses it out here) what? You don’t know?
Looking at these words, Ye Eun needs to (blurry) then it’ll be fine.
The weather is getting cold… beware of catching a cold.. don’t get sick.. you need to be happy.
Our Ye Eun, fighting!!
2011.11.13 PM 10:50
Sorry for randomly writing a letter.

siwon's letter

To Min Seo’s girlfriend Yeon Joo…
Yeon Joo ah, do you think that the relationship you have now is love?
Do you think that the relationship called love you now have is responsible for everything? It definitely is not.
According to the 25 year old oppa who sincerely wrote to Yeon Joo right before this, all men are the same.
The ones who meet you and let you drink, let you smoke, or ask for too much from you, you can spit at their face and then slap their face!!! That’s right, you should do that!!!!
That kind of guy needs to wake up… and learn what responsibility is!!!
Break up, learn well and work your way up!!
Although you are going to be sad, that is the only way… this is the right way.
After you get into university you’ll meet… it’s not good
When you become an adult, even if you don’t like him you’ll have to do it.
Endure it, learn well, righting!!
The pain you suffer now will make Yeon Joo happy in the future… ♥
From The 26 year old oppa worried about Yeon Joo on autumn 2011.
ps. Get the english word (xxxxxx can’t see properly) then you can memorize it. You have to use it often TIP!

(Kyuhyun wrote this) Although this oppa writes better than oppa, but oppa (Kyuhyun) studies better!
(Siwon replies) That oppa is a wolf… He is a science student.. not english.. listen to me.

kyuhyun's letter

To our cute Min Seo’s Yeon Joo..
Yeonjoo ah, annyeong? I am 25 year old idol oppa… do you believe in destiny?
I happened to see the letter you wrote to Min Seo with your heart.
Seeing a fresh 17 year old girl’s letter, I was touched..
Although I feel sorry reading your letter, it was because I was an oppa caring for a dongsaeng.
I saw that you weren’t together for a long time.
You both wanted to continue being the campus couple after you went to university.
This is a very bad way of thinking.
Men are all the same.. we’re wolves! Min Seo that boy is a beast.
So please only believe oppa..
If Min Seo suggests to go somewhere inappropriate
or to a 2 days 1 night holiday
this way you know what that boy is thiking.
Don’t spend the night together before you become adults.
If you are drinking with males when you are older,
if they make you drink sports drinks, you can shout at them, because they are all bad boys.
Anyway, I hope you have a good relationship.
Don’t go too deep with boys now, be more shallow.
Although you can laugh now and not care, you will regret it later.
At that time, oppa will be back!
I will be back!

Ps: Yeon Joo ah, it’s not 도데체 its 도대체
From 2011 November
A 25 year old idol oppa worrying about Yeon Joo on a certain autumn night.

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Blog [SC] Follower Giveaway

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Jom join segmen Cik Tikah

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Leeteuk & Donghae At Saipan

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Shindong Twitter Update: Super Junior’s 6th Anniversary celebration photo!!!

2011,11,6 슈퍼주니어 육” 주년 축하 사진투척!!! 사실 육 자를 개인적으로 조아하는지라 다이어트는 잠시 접어두고 육”식을 즐겨보자고!! ㅋㅋ

2011,11,6 Super Junior’s 6th Anniversary celebration photo!!! Actually, I personally like number 6. We’ll put our diets on hold and just enjoy the meat!! ㅋㅋ

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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk says, “Super Junior members laughed at me”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk attended a showcase for the musical Fame on the 7th.
He said, “Since other members of the group have appeared in musicals, I asked them for advice. But they just laughed at me.”
He added, “I actually started appearing in musicals first. I played the role of number two in the musical The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking when I was a middle school student. I don’t want the members to come see me performing because I’m shy. But I will do my best.”
Lead actors in the musical, including, Son Ho Young, Go Eun Sung, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Kim Chan Ho, SNSD’s Tiffany, Shin Ui Jung, The Grace’s Lee Ji Yeon, KoN, Trax’s Kim Jung Mo, and more attended the showcase and sang seven songs.
The musical will start performances on November 25 until January 29 of next year at Olympic Park.
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Leeteuk Twitter Update: Thank you!!

너무나도 좋은 글과 충고들 감사합니다..!!지금 몸둘바를모르겠습니다..^^;;더 열심히 하라고 더 고개숙이라고 말씀해주시는거 같아서 더 멋지고 훌륭한 사람되겠습니다 감사합니다!!^^으아 날아갈거 같아요..ㅋㅋ
Thanks for the very good message(tweet) and advice.!!Now I don’t now how to react to all of this..^^;; Seems like that’s telling me to work harder and be more humble so i’ll become a more awesome and great person. Thank you!!^^ Ah I’m like being on cloud nine..ㅋㅋ

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

‘FAME’ Musical Showcase — EUNHYUK

Segmen : aku adalah blogger

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Super Junior’s 6th Year Anniversary Message to ELF [9 Members]

[Leeteuk] E.L.F who are so cute and whom we are so thankful of your existence!! Super Junior is already 6 years old. Super Junior and E.L.F must get together even more so and write new history! Love~You~Guys♥
[Trans by: MinBunny @ tumblr]
[Yesung]  To: E.L.F our 6th anniversary~ <3 let’s love each other even more in the years to come!
[Trans by: @xavier_x007x]
[Shindong] Congratulations!! Super Junior’s 6th year anniversary!! Since 2005.11.6. Kkugoong~ (It’s a sound effect) I’m Super Junior Shindong. It’s been a while… I won.. Fool… When I was young.. If I wrote.. Love paper.. Style.. ㅋㅋㅋ.. Love paper.. (Exchange diary?)… ㅋㅋㅋ
To. E.L.F.
It has already been 6 years… I’m sorry always… Now I came to my senses.. I’m so embarrassed.. But thank you for believing me until the end.. I won’t make it more difficult for you so don’t worry… Actually, I don’t say this often normally… I love you… I’m going to work hard so let’s do everything together… Everyone…E.L.F. Let’s be together~
[Trans by: Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM]
[Sungmin] To: Dear E.L.F.❤
We have being in love for 6 years now!! We have to last for~ever! >3< I have to occupy the hearts of our E.L.F♡
[Trans by: @paperheartsMIN]
[Eunhyuk]  I love you:: these amazing people <3
[Trans by: @xavier_x007x]
[Donghae] Daebak!!!
Super Junior 6th Anniversary!!!
Who can stop us!!
We are the best, SJ!
*If they question who who who we are, we show them our results ^-^(lyrics from SUPERMAN)
Don’t forget what I love!
Don’t forget what I like!
Don’t forget that you are the one!
WoW 6 years, without ELF there won’t be us!
Don’t forget that we have to be together in the future as well!
Don’t like anyone else!
Should we get married??
<3 I love you ELF <3
[Trans by: @xavier_x007x]
[Siwon] We are partners, you are the best♥
trust that we will walk together in the future ^^
[Trans by: MinBunny @ tumblr]
[Ryeowook] <3 the people who have been together in these 6 years.. E.L.F
I love you and thank you~
I really feel very happy.
let’s continue (to be together)
[Trans by: @xavier_x007x]
[Kyuhyun] Unknowingly, Super Junior is 6(?) finally! These 6 years are time which was spent with everyone~ ♬ As a matter of fact, I’m 5.5 years.. hahahaha~ Anyhow, I am also (a member) of SJ so I’m 6 years too ^-^ There were many enjoyable memories, and memories that I want to erase but in the future, it will be great if we will all only have happy memories~ I will pray! So, for much of the remaining time, don’t cheat on us! Let’s do this together! I love you E.L.F ^-^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[Trans by: @sherzzz]
CREDIT TO : elfamazing.wordpress.com

Kangin & Kibum dining out together at Kyoto Classic

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Super Junior celebrate their 6th Anniversary & also shared their admiration for fans

It has been six years since Korean heart throb and, now, representatives of South Korea, Super Junior’s debut. Super Junior is the most familiar word globally, no doubt that they have the largest fan following.
Super Junior debut in 2005 with their first album ‘Twins‘ and since then they have given 5 hit albums viz‘Don’t Don’, ‘Sorry Sorry’, ’Bonamana’, ‘Mr Simple‘. 6-November-2005 was the day they officially become known and this year they are celebrating their 6th Anniversary with fans through out world.
Super Junior members shared their feelings and acknowledge their fan’s love for them. Super junior’s leaderLeeteuk tweeted a sentimental message, “6-11-2005 to 6-11-2011, 6 years… Friendship, Happiness, Joy, Tears! I learned from my members, my staff and ELF, who are so precious and sweet.. Love you and Thank you!! I’ll be with you till the end…” He further wrote, “I wanted to have the world and now I have my members, my ELF and my staff, more precious than world…. Ain’t I own whole world?? I feel so grateful. I’ll return all your love…”
Choi Siwon showed his gratitude in these words, “We walked together since 6 years, Thank You so much and I hope we can walk together and be happy for the rest of the time left in our future. Thank you so much and love… Let’s celebrate our 6th Anniversary”
SJ’s vocalist Yesung wrote, “Super Junior’s 6th Anniversary.. Our beloved ELF, who always protect us and members… To all existing people of SJ.. Thank You so much”
Lee Donghae shared his feelings, “We are Super Juni-or!! Today is our 6th Anniversary.. I love you then and love you more. Please give us your love more and more….. Thank you all ELF, I love you”
SJ’s maknae Ryeowook tweeted, “Super Junior’s 6th Anniversary since debut.. Because of all your love we could make through these 6 years.. Thank you so much.. also I am really thankful to my members.. Really love you all so much…”
SJ’s rapper Eunhyuk expressed his exhilaration in words, “6 years!! Time just flew through cries, through using our energies and not giving up… The time we all have spent together, It has start again..! Suju Fighting!!”
A large number of fans responded with cheering words, “Suju forever, we will support you till end”, “oppa you made a change in our lives, thank you”, “ELF love you…”, “6 years but Suju and ELF are still same and love each other”
Super Junior members shared their old pictures and leader Leeteuk uploaded a picture specially for this day.

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Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Yesung, Donghae & Eunhyuk’s 6th Anniversary Tweets

[Ryeowook] 슈퍼주니어 데뷔 6주년입니다. 많은 분들의 사랑으로 6년이란 시간을 만들어낸거 같아요~ 정말 감사드립니다~ 멤버들 한명, 한명에게도 다 정말 고마워요>< 진짜진짜 사랑해~♥려욱
It’s the 6th anniversary of Super Junior’s debut. I think we’ve made and spent these 6 years with a lot of people’s love~ really, want to thank you~ each of the members, I am very thankful to each and every member>< Really, really love you (all)
[Trans by: @sherzzz]

[Yesung] 슈퍼주니어 데뷔6주년 … 지켜준 엘프 사랑하는멤버 슈퍼주니어를 존재하게 해주신 모든분들… 감사합니다
Super Junior’s Debut 6th Anniversary … To all ELFs who always be with us, beloved member and everyone who made Super Junior exists… Thank you
[Trans by: Elfishae]

[Leeteuk] 2005/11/6-2011/11/6 6년입니다.행복을 기쁨을 눈물을 우정을 알려준 우리멤버들 우리 스텝들 그리고 너무나 소중하고 사랑스런 엘프!^^감사하고 또 감사합니다!눈감는날까지 함께할게요!존경하고 사랑합니다
2005/11/6-2011/11/6 It’s 6 years. Our members, our staffs, and very precious,lovely ELF who taught me the happiness, joys, and tears!^^ Thank you, and thank you! I/We’ll being with you together until the day my eyes close! I admire you, and I love you
[Trans by: Jinnn8812elf]

[Leeteuk] 세상을 다 가지고 싶었다..모든게 금방이라도 잡힐것만같았다..그런데 지금은 나에게 있어 세상보다 값진 우리 멤버들 스텝들 팬들이 있다..난 이미 세상을 다진게 아닐까?감사하고 행복하다..이제 그 사랑 돌려드릴게요
I wanted to have the world..I was about to catch everything..But now, there are our members, staffs, and fans who are more precious than the world to me..Ain’t I already owned the world? I feel so grateful and happy..Now I’m going to return the love to you
[Trans by: Jinnn8812elf]

[Donghae] 우린 슈퍼주니어~~~~~~~~에요!!!6주년 이네요 !! 사랑하고 또 사랑하고 더 많이 사랑하고 아끼고 또 아끼고 더 많이 아껴줄께요 !! 감사합니다 ELF I ♥ U
We are Super Junior~~~~~~~~!!!6 year anniversary !! Love (SJ) and loving those who love (us) and cherish (us) and cherish all who cherishes (us) !! Thank you ELF I ♥ U
[Trans by: Elfishae]

[Eunhyuk] 6년이다!!!!!!! 그냥 그렇게 흘러 온 시간, 악을 쓰고 기를 써서 버텨 온 시간, 우리가 만들어 온 시간, 이제 다시 시작 할 시간!! 슈주간다!!!!
6 years!!!!!!! the time that just had just flown, the time that we endured clenching our teeth and did our best to make every effort, the time we’ve been making together, now it’s time to start all over again!! Here we go SuJu!!!!
[Trans by: TwELFs]
CREDIT TO : elfamazing.wordpress.com