Wednesday, 27 July 2011


B2ST’s Yoseob recently tweeted a message of reassurance to his fans inMalaysia after a recent small tripping incident at the Kuala Lumpur Airport .

On July 24th, B2ST successfully performed at the ‘MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011′ event at the i-City in Malaysia, where they amazed over 30,000 fans with their hit tracks, “Shock”, “Soom”, “Beautiful”, and “Rainy Days”.

The next day, the boys headed straight to the Kuala Lumpur Airport to catch their flight back to Korea. Amidst the chaotic crowd of fans, however, Yoseob managed to accidentally trip while walking back towards their terminal, causing him to drop all of his luggage onto the floor.

Shortly afterwards, Yoseob tweeted, “Ack! So embarrassing. I was so embarrassed before that I rushed out and didn’t get to say bye. To anyone who fell over from getting pushed, are you okay? I’m sorry.”

“Tripping over at the Malaysia Airport was 100% my fault. I’m more sorry to the fans who were shouting ‘Yoseob, I’m sorry’ to me. Anyway, I’m completely fine, so don’t worry.”

Fans were greatly moved by Yoseob’s consideration, and left comments such as, “This is why I’m a fan of Yang Yoseob”, “It’s touching to see his love for his fans”, and “Please don’t trip over in the future”.

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