Wednesday, 24 August 2011

{rumours} Which Super Junior members are currently dating????

Super Junior’s youngest member, Kyuhyun leaked out a little secret that some Super Junior members are possibly in a relationship.
On the August 23rd episode of SBS’s Strong Heart‘, MC Kang Ho Dong suddenly asked the eldest Super Junior member, Kim Heechul, “How many Super Junior members came out today?
Kim Heechul then answered, “In total, 10 members came out today“, afterwards Kang Ho Dong quickly asked, “How many are currently dating out of those 10?
Kim Heechul was visibly tense and started looking around awkwardly at his members making the audience even more suspicious. Shortly After, Kyuhyun admitted, “From what I know for sure, less than half of the members are dating“. Even though there is still a chance that none of the members are dating since he pointed out specifically ‘less than half‘, the studio was filled with a mysterious vibe. The other cast members shouted with certainty at Super Junior, “So there are some who are dating“!
Choi Siwon and Donghae seemed the most suspicious as Siwon awkwardly looked away and Donghae started drinking his water rapidly.
Kim Heechul jokingly added, “Actually, before we came on the set, some members revealed to me that they broke up with their girlfriends that I never knew about” increasing the viewer’s curiosity.

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