Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Members of F.T. Island meet with a Malaysian burn victim

The heartwarming news of F.T. Island meeting with a Malaysian burn victim has been revealed to the public. 

Tan Hui Linn, is a Malaysian girl who suffered from third degree burns, lost her vision in her right eye and has burns all over her body. F.T. Island heard about Tan Hui Linn and that she was fighting through her burn treatment by listening to F.T. Island’s songs and they decided to visit her in the hospital last month on the 25th. 

In 2009, Tan Hui Linn’s father, who was suffering from mental illnesses, poured acid on her and her mother. Unfortunately, her mother passed away from the incident and Tan Hui Linn suffered injuries, including losing vision in her right eye and being left with scar tissues over much of her face and body. At the time, Malaysian media called her the ‘Survivor’ and she gained a lot of attention.

F.T. Island stated, “Once we heard there was a fan who was dealing with her painful treatment by listening to our songs, we decided to visit her in order to give her whatever support we could“.

In related news, F.T. Island’s ‘Five Treasure Box‘ has ranked number 1 on Taiwan’s album charts, proving their international popularity.

Let’s all hope for the recovery of Tan Hui Linn and give applause to F.T. Island for their warm hearts.

Credit : allkpop

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