Monday, 19 December 2011

[Lyrics] Donghae&Eunhyuk – First Love(첫사랑) [Rom&Eng-Trans]


nan geudemane oppa geuden namane yeoja
hangsang ne gyote isso julge
nan geudemane oppa dalkomhan uri sarang
oppan noman saranghalle

ichon yung-nyon iwori-il nege on geu nal hayan nunchorom
geu moseup giokheyo nan jageun geu ttollimmajodo
nege gideoso jamdeun geude dalkomhan immatchumeul

u~~~u~~~ nol saranghe

saranghe i mal bakken saranghe i mal bakken
jul ge igotppuninde
chang bakke nuni neryo garodeung bulbit are
geu ane nowa nega isso

nan geude mane oppa
geuden namane yeoja
oppan noman saranghalle

English Translation

I’m only your oppa You’re my only girl
I will be by your side forever
I’m only your oppa The sweet love between us
Oppa only loves you

2006 February 2nd The day you walked towards me
I still remember your face as white as snow
the little tremble that came along with me
You who leaned against me, sleeping
the sweet kiss

u~~~u~~~ I love you

Apart from the words ‘I love you’ Apart from the words ‘I love you’
I can only give you this
There’s snow outside the window Under the streetlights
There’s you and me

I’m only your oppa
You’re my only girl
Oppa only loves you

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