Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Murderer of Iris’s Lee Eun Mi sentenced to 17 years of prison

Back in June, it was reported that Lee Eun Mi, the lead vocalist of female group Iris, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend by being stabbed 65 times on the head and abdomen while on her way home.
Her case finally came to a close today, with her ex-boyfriend being sentenced to 17 years of jail. The court originally ruled for a 20 year sentence, but cut back three years after deciding that the man had demonstrated his remorse. 

The court stated, “After being told that their relationship was over, ‘Cho’ attempted to meet with her again to fix the relationship. What he heard in return were words of shame and hurt, leading him to murder her in a gruesome manner. A heavy sentence is inevitable.”
They continued, “Taking into account the fact that he is showing remorse over his actions and that he has deposited $10,000 USD to the family of the deceased in an effort to recover their loss, we will be sentencing him to 17 years of prison.”

source: dailymail

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