Friday, 16 December 2011

[NEWS] Your recipe can earn you a date with Super Junior!

Calling all chefs and ELFs! Think you’re a good chef? Well, good news for you: The Korean Food Foundation and Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries wants you to “Share Your Delicious Secret with Super Junior” in a contest that ends later this month.

The competition is open to all fans who share an enthusiasm and love for Korean cuisine. You must submit a recipe for Korean dishes and not only describe the process and ingredients, but also accompany your recipe with pictures. Submit your recipes here by December 31st.

Said Gwak Beom-guk, who is the director of the Foundation, “I hope ‘hallyu,’ or the Korean wave, transcends K-pop to K-food. This event aims to make Korean food friendly for home cooking. I also hope foreigners discover the potential of Korean food to become a part of hallyu through devising their own recipes.”

All contestants will be judged on creativity, practicality, and easiness on following the recipe (clear instructions), of which 5 winners will be chosen. These winners will earn themselves a trip to Korea in January and learn more about Korean food, with special trips to famous restaurants and culinary workshops. They will also get to enjoy a date with Super Junior themselves. Details regarding this will be released in January.

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