Sunday, 17 April 2011

ryeowook fun facts.........

[❤] He will cook when he gets angry,but get sad when the members doesnt eat his food.
[❤] Insomnia performance was encourage by the member cause they said they want see him do a sexy dance.
[❤] He said that Insomnia was suggested by the members but Shindong said on an interview that it was Ryeowook who wanted to do it.
[❤] If he is a girl he would marry Donghae.
[❤] He cried during recording “A Short Journey”.
[❤] Ryeowook has good skin.
[❤] Ryeowook created his twitter account at 6th of June 2010.
[❤] Hangeng says Ryeowook likes to stick to him and lies on his shoulder when sleeping in the car during SJ-M promo period.
[❤] He will go to his hyungs’ rooms at night, when they ask why is he here he says,”I just wanna be with hyung for awhile, can I?”.
[❤] Once, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook had to cook together. Ryeowook ended up doing all the work.
[❤] He always bullied by Kyuhyun.
[❤] Ryeowook and Kyuhyun had a fight. on that day, Kyuhyun met an accident that nearly robbed his life.
[❤] He started to watch KimTakGu after he found out Kyuhyun sang in it.
[❤] He is jealous of Henry for being SJM’s magnae.
[❤] According to Henry , Ryeowook is warm and gentle.
[❤] He is good in doing water droplet and pig sound.
[❤] Once, an ELF requested a hug from RW. He stood up and hug her but
Heechul who was right beside Ryeowook stopped him.
[❤] Ryeowook is good in reading people’s mood and reacting.
[❤] On Donghae’s bday Oct 15th exactly at 10.15pm, Ryeowook had prepared some food and wished Donghae “Happy Birthday”.
[❤] Ryeowook and Donghae were eating strawberries in a room.Donghae wanted to ask Yesung to join them but Ryeowook said “it would be fine if only 2 of us eat the strawberries” . After Yesung heard it , he felt sad and thinking “I wanna kill him”

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