Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fan mistakes elderly woman for Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

On the November 22nd episode of SBS TV ‘Strong Heart‘, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk shared a story about his recent vacation.

“After we completed SMTOWN in NYC, I decided to take a vacation and headed to Europe. I had the opportunity to attend England’s premier league soccer game between Chelsea and Arsenal. I even took photos of the tickets and uploaded them on the internet“, he said.

“The game was streamed live in Korea as well, and a fan who was watching the game caught me sitting in the stands. She screen-captured the shots with me in them“, he said as he continued to reveal the screen-shots. Behind one of the players was a fuzzy image of a person in the stands with platinum blonde hair, with a hairstyle that was similar to Eunhyuk’s.

Upon viewing the clip with better quality, it turned out the individual with the blonde hair was actually an elderly woman, and not Eunhyuk.

They also revealed another screen-capture on the episode which revealed the real but very small Eunhyuk sitting in the stands, evoking much laughter on set.

credit to : elfamazing.wordpress.com

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