Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hangeng’s Sixth (6th) Year Anniversary Message

@韓庚微博: 從2005年11月6日第一次登上舞台,今天6週年。無論是2005年以音樂出發,還是2011年專注於電影,又或者是2012年乃至以後,繼續努力踏實地走好每一步。在不同的時期和環境裡,我只想堅持做同一個真實的"韓庚"。 6年裡,直到未來,謝謝你們陪我,讓夢想不斷照進現實! 11月6日 19:04
@HanGeng’s Weibo: From the first time on stage on 6th November 2005, today is the sixth anniversary. Whether starting from music in 2005, focusing on film in 2011 or in 2012 and beyond, I will work hard continuously to ease each step. I just want to insist on doing the same and the true “HanGeng” in the different period and different environment. Thank you for accompanying me, bringing my dream into the reality in this six years until the future! at 19:04 on 6th November 2011
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